Visitors are permitted to enter the sheepfold sites by the owners of the sites. Cumbria County Council does not own any of the sheepfolds. Visitors enter the sites at their own risk.

Please note that some folds are working folds and visitors are advised to wear robust footwear and outdoor clothing as appropriate.

Wet or icy weather can make fields and stones on sites muddy and slippery.

Sheepfold sites are in rural locations and present physical challenges for most visitors. East Cumbria Countryside Project, on behalf of the County Council, has undertaken an access audit of sites to grade accessibility for all visitors.

This information will be disseminated in various ways including this website.

In the meantime, blind and visually impaired people are advised to visit folds accompanied by a friend or personal assistant.

The following folds have been identified as the most accessible for wheelchair users although none of the interiors of the folds are fully accessible.

Whilst every care has been taken in the production of this website, Cumbria County Council cannot accept liability for the consequences of any errors or omissions it may contain.